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ART Compass

Delivering artificial intelligence for IVF at the point of care. Redefining how big image and text data drive business intelligence in reproductive medicine.
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With ART Compass IVF Software:
Go Paperless
Cut Costs
Manage Cryostorage
Easy Billing
Deliver cutting edge AI
at the point of care.

Sounds familiar?

ART Compass is a Fertility Guidance Technology

Clinics are required to document, evaluate, and certify labs, staff, and procedures for national, state, and local agencies. Being out of compliance has detrimental impacts, but we make managing compliance across many stakeholders easy for IVF clinic staff.
Patient IVF cycles, inventory, metadata, metrics, outcomes, and statistics are centralized in ART Compass. Data is accessible when you need it for clinical decision making.
By accessing the data stuck in paper charts and clipboards, we generate the "big data" needed to drive improvements in patient outcome with artificial intelligence. By augmenting this critical data into a single dashboard, we deliver AI systems at the point-of-care.
ART Compass, points the way with a comprehensive IVF lab data management solution.
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How does it work?

  • Track and record compliance with automated reminders
  • Drive Results with Artificial Intelligence
  • Communicate outcomes across IVF Clinic teams
  • Automate annual reporting to SART
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Onboarding your entire IVF Practice to ART Compass is simple. Let our team of embryologists customize our software solution to your IVF lab workflows. We deliver artificial intelligence systems at the point-of-care, into the IVF Lab. HL7 integration with clinical EMR systems, electronic witnessing systems, incubators and microscopes, and more is available! Ready to take your IVF lab to the cutting edge? Go paperless, meet LEED standards, cut costs, and drive efficiency and business intelligence with our HIPAA compliant IVF lab management software today!Check here.

IVF Patients trust ART Compass

V. Julie Collier
Early user, early endorser

This app is a no brainer for the clinical embryology team. Everything from in house proficiency testing to reagent/disposable lot number tracking. Last I heard new features are being developed by the day. I applaud the team at ART Compass for seeing the problem and coming up with a simple solution. Would recommend to a friend.

A necessity for IVF

This app is so well designed and easy to use. Having my medical history in one place and easily accessible has been a game changer. Using this app has helped to manage my anxiety as I go through this process. Being able to access the grades and genetic testing of my embryos has been an invaluable resource. The ART Compass app is a tool that I’m so glad I have literally at my fingertips!

Kelli Selph
So helpful!

This app allows your information to be right at your fingertips. I would love for my clinic to implement the use of this software so that I’m not constantly calling and asking questions. It’s like an IVF journal on your cell phone.

From Practice to Platform in .....1 2 3.

We understand the challenges you face when converting to a new system and platform. Let us help you make a stress-free, quick transition to ART Compass!

Step 1- Migration Assessment:
Our migration specialist will evaluate your practice side-by-side with your team to ensure top-level migration solutions from your current system to our platform.
Step 2- Remote On-boarding
After a Solution Tree is complete, an ART Compass specialist is assigned to your practice to help integrate solutions as planned in our assessment. This includes personal step-by-step instruction and guidance on platform uses and integration.
Step 3- Completion
After successful migration, ART Compass will continue support for your lab to ensure we have implemented the best use for our platform. We are here for you and our team is dedicated to oversee your successful transition before, during, and after!
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“My old method of QC for embryology/andrology skill sets often involved a large spreadsheet, cutting and pasting lots of data and then running the report. I would spend hours just to get the report. Now I don't have to set aside a day for my QC reports. I open the ART Compass app and I can review QC any day at any time.” Dr. K. Pomeroy, World Egg Bank

Ready to drive improvements in patient outcomes, physicians, staff, inventory, and procedures? Download the app!