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The Thin Pink Line

The Thin Pink Line (ART Compass Blog) – In our context represents the struggle, and strife of the “infertility warrior” trying to make sense of and create order out of the chaos of infertility – doctors, diagnoses, meds, and IVF cycle information. 

The thin pink line between two black fields also pays respect to all the “loss” that goes into infertility care- from failed cycles, to failed FETs, “biochemical” pregnancies, blighted ovums, miscarriages and more. 

Lastly, the thin pink line also references the line infertility warriors walk everyday- between hope and despair- between being a parent or not (typically abbreviated to “PUPO” or pregnant until proven otherwise in infertility forums).

What is a biochemical pregnancy??
Female Factor Infertility IVF Secondary Infertility

What is a biochemical pregnancy??

Image by Sarah Pflug Biochemical pregnancy is one that occurs...
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Should I See a Fertility Doctor?

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