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Coping with Relationship Turmoil during IVF

Image by Sarah Pflug

Research has found an increase in sexual dysfunction—both for men and women—when timed intercourse is used to get pregnant.⁠

Because sex is also a way to feel closer to your partner, stress in your intimate life can lead to tension in your overall relationship.⁠

Other possible sources of financial stress include:⁠

-disagreements over whether to pursue treatment (due to costs)⁠

-whether and how to borrow money⁠

-whether or not to ask friends and family for financial help (like through crowdfunding)⁠

-whether to skip treatments and go straight to adoption (which is also expensive). ⁠

While some research has found that men and women faced with infertility may be more likely to feel dissatisfied with themselves and their marriages, other studies have found that it can bring couples closer together.⁠

This isn’t because these couples breeze through infertility and don’t struggle.⁠

On the contrary, according to the research, it’s the struggle—and their need for mutual support—that leads to a more secure bond.

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