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Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care

A message from our CEO on embryologists

July 25th is World Embryologists Day. It is the birthday of the world’s first IVF baby- Louise Brown! It signifies the importance of embryologists as they are the primary caretakers of your babies! On Denver fertility Albrecht women’s care blog, our CEO Dr. Carol Curchoe, Ph.D. TS wrote a post all about embryologists titled Profession of Embryology: Years of training and a lifetime of Learning! She delves into the educational requirements for an embryologist and also the experience needed to be able to work in a clinic!

One of the most important topics she explores, however, is staff training and competency assessments! ART Compass offers a great way for clinics and labs to implement a continuing education program for their employees! The assessments on the ART Compass app enable individuals to test their knowledge on a wide array of areas such as embryology, andrology, quality control, and assurance, etc. She also talks a little bit about herself and why ART Compass was born in the first place!

Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care

Denver Fertility 

Denver Fertility Albrecht Women’s Care is a facility that tries to give you the best experience possible!

“We pride ourselves on finding the root cause of infertility with the most affordable and least invasive method possible.”

Though they have a state of the art IVF lab, they prioritize trying to provide you with the least invasive option possible and the least expensive as well. Some of the ways they attempt to improve a patient’s fertility include less invasive fertility treatments, nutritional counseling, lifestyle changes, and mental wellbeing. The fertility specialists Dr. Bruce Albrecht and Dr. Dana Ambler makes sure that when you are at Denver Fertility, you feel welcome and find yourself in a safe and trusted environment. Dr.Albrecht is board-certified in reproductive endocrinology, as well as obstetrics and gynecology. Dr.Ambler is board-certified in both obstetrics and gynecology, as well as in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. They are both some of the best fertility specialists you can find in Denver!

Denver Fertility’s IVF Lab

Like we said, they have an amazing IVF lab! It boasts a 

  • State of the Art Laboratory
  • Fully skilled and experienced embryologist
  • Latest cutting edge protocols and research
  • Two of the most highly skilled REI physicians
  • Extremely affordable IVF pricing 

They have a 70% IVF success rate in 2019 compared to the national average of46.8%! This is attributed to tailoring their treatment plans around you-the patient! Fertility treatments are never one size fits all, and Denver Fertility understands that. Every TTC journey is different and Denver Fertility celebrates that rather than shy away from it. 


They offer a wide range of services including:

  1. Fertility Evaluation
  2. Female Pelvic Surgery
  3. Infertility Treatment
  4. Ovulation Induction
  5. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
  6. Intrauterine Insemination (Artificial Insemination)
  7. In Vitro Fertilization
  8. Frozen Embryo Transfer
  9. Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening & Diagnosis
  10. Pre implantation Gene Screening
  11. Donor Egg/ Donor Sperm/ Gestational Carriers
  12. Elective Egg Freezing
  13. Fertility Preservation For Cancer Patients
  14. LGBTQ Family Building
  15. Psychological therapy and Support
  16. Stress Management
  17. Acupuncture
  18. Health and Wellness

It doesn’t end there though! They often hold FREE seminars for existing and new patients about a variety of topics including Fertility 101, IVF and learning the principles of exercise that can help improve your fertility. 

Our final thoughts

You have to check out our guest blog post on Denver Fertility Albrecht Women Care’s website! If you want to learn how embryologists train, what their education requirements are and why the profession is essentially a lifetime of learning, head on over to their page! While you’re at it, explore the services that Denver Fertility has to offer and why they are easily one of the best fertility clinics you can stumble across in Denver! When you are choosing a fertility clinic, it is important that you spend a lot of time thinking about what you are looking for and whether the clinic you are looking at promises to cater to YOUR specific needs. It is also important to mention that this clinic is LGBTQ-friendly! They offer LGBTQ family building services. They greet everyone with open arms! 

Always remember to never rush this decision!

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