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Module 2: Document Control

Document Control System

The Paperless IVF Lab of the Future Uses ART Compass

Using Module 2: ART Compass Document Control System

Formal document control is a best practice for IVF labs and required by accreditors like CAP.

  • Documents are created in ART Compass, and given a version number. These could be policies, procedures, recording forms for quality assurance and control, and patient procedure records. 
  • Documents can be updated per regulatory changes, procedure changes, and as needed. 
  • All new staff members must read all policies and procedures and sign off on them. 
  • Labs must demonstrate that everyone is using the most current form, and archive but keep a record of forms no longer in use. 
  • Annually forms should be reviewed and updated, the scope of changes needs to be commented on (minor edits, addition of paragraph, re-written, added, taken away etc). 
  • With any document change “sign off” i.e. acknowledgement should occur by all staff, lab director, and MDs.

We provide a complete document control system. 

  • Create any form
  • Require sign offs
  • Assign to and display on a per technologist basis
  • Assign to patients or specific patient cycles
  • Copy and Edit, Version Number, and Archive functions.

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Competency Assessment and Continuing Education

Reagents Traceability

Comprehensive Statistics

IVF Cycle Management and Reporting Patient Results

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Go Paperless and Green

Create any form

Our flexible form builder allows you to create and customize any type of document or form.

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Annual Staff Sign Offs

Require Staff Sign Offs

Assign to embryologists, andrologists, and reproductive endocrinologists for annual sign off.

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Recording and Reporting

Patient Forms

Patient forms can be assigned to a patient dashboard, to a specific cycle, or reported to the patient.

We have created all our IVF lab forms, policies and procedures and CAP Checklists in ART Compass. Now I never have to worry that the wrong version is being used. Our CAP inspector was thrilled and is now recommending ART Compass!!”