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Embryologist Education (Continuing Education and Training)

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Embryologist Education and Training

Embryologist and Andrologist competency is a crucial component of an IVF laboratory’s quality management system, which directly impacts clinical outcomes. Embryologists must be competent to make dozens of clinical decisions that can affect IVF outcomes. This includes monitoring IVF key performance indicators (KPIs), so it is important that staff competency and variation of subjective embryo quality assignments is recorded and monitored.The College of American Pathologists says, “Documenting the competency assessment of your staff is the #1 deficiency cited by all major laboratory accreditors. One in four laboratories do not fully meet the documentation requirements of competency assessment.”

Find out how the ART Compass app and web platform can complement your embryologist on-boarding and continuing education plan.

ART Compass Platform provides: 

Free In-Depth Reproduction and Laboratory Continuing Education (worth thousands of dollars)

CEU Credit Pending! Assign Surveys and Due Dates

Automated reminders to complete assessments

Complete customization to your IVF lab’s grading systems or clinical decision points (contact us today!) 

Comprehensive in-cycle statistical package

New staff training (or on-boarding) documentation 

Annual Procedure Evaluation Documentation 

Standardized training and detailed survey protocols for embryology and andrology procedures

Evaluates competency and track inter-laboratory and inter-technician variation

Provides comparative data at the embryologist, andrologist, or technologist and IVF clinic level

Rapid data collection

Real-time analysis

Management and distribution of multi-media files (video, images, and more)

Automated reporting

Ability to utilize smartphone hardware features, such as, the phone camera.

Image editing with one’s fingertip

Biometric (fingerprint) ID protocols to enhance security.

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