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Fertility Software for REIs and IVF Management

The Right Fertility Software is a Game Changer for Fertility Clinics (IVF Clinics).

Finding software can be overwhelming. IVF software is specifically designed for fertility treatment practices to keep patient data organized and meet quality requirements so reproductive endocrinologists can provide the best care.

What is IVF management software?

IVF Management software is a digital tool that provides an all around solution for managing a fertility clinic’s IVF laboratory data.

fertility software for ivf clinics
Granular data for each embryo frozen, biopsied, and transferred.

There are many challenges to overcome managing an IVF, ART, or fertility clinic. For instance, the biggest challenges is the sheer amount of patient and IVF laboratory data. Therefore, transitioning from paper charts to a digital solution is a smart strategy!

You’ll find that ART Compass is a great choice for making IVF lab data a lot easier to access by establishing communication between administration and your IVF lab.

Visualize the success of each IVF Cycle with easy to read graphics.

Our IVF management software takes the pain out of entering and organizing patient data. Data types that ART Compass manages are: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and frozen embryo transfer (FET) cycles, medical image data (ultrasounds, embryos and more), pre-implantation genetic (PGT) testing results, and embryo cryostorage inventory.

Being able to swiftly manage the day to day activities the an IVF lab is crucial in order to maintain quality control and quality assurance standards. ART Compass enables you to monitor lab activity and maintain the highest standards within the lab, and prevent embryologist burn out! With ART Compass, your embryologists can focus on what they do best; creating embryos that result in live born, healthy babies!

ivf clinic software

Cutting edge technologies and software helps world-class reproductive endocrinologists’ fertility services to shine! Patients expect digital technologies to enhance communication with all members of their treatment team. 

ART Compass includes nine core components and dozens of modules. Our software comprehensively manages your REI clinic, IVF laboratory and Andrology Laboratory.

Technological breakthroughs like ART Compass, provide new opportunities for IVF Clinics to cut costs, increase profits, and improve IVF lab quality processes.

This system provides the basis for IVF Cycle tracking to automate reporting to SART or CDC, to track clinical and laboratory pregnancy success rates, provide key performance indicators for staff, and cryostorage inventory for doctors, patients and billing administrators, as well as dozens of other IVF laboratory quality assurance functions. 

ART Compass Fertility Software Features: 

  • Manage your patient population efficiently.
  • Improve time management for your clinic, laboratory, administrative, and research staff.
  • Provide a consistent interface, which is intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Increase communications between staff members working at different locations.

Software Modules 

  1. Reagents tracking and traceability 
  2. FRESH IVF cycle tracking; including fertility preservation.
  3. FROZEN oocyte/embryo tracking and transfers
  4. Comprehensive statistical package
  5. Competency assessments and continuing education 
  6. Quality assurance forms (and flexible form builder to completely customize any form)
  7. Document control system 
  8. Digital staff personnel files   
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