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About ART Compass

IVF Management Software

ART Compass started as a free, open -source image based embryology survey tool, created by IVF professionals for the industry.

Our scientific and business advisory board is comprised of luminary scientists and reproductive endocrinologists.

Meet the ART Compass Scientific and Business Advisory Boards

About Us

Dr. Carol Lynn Curchoe, TS. is a reproductive biologist practicing clinical embryology.

Her PhD. research focused on animal cloning at the University of Connecticut and her postdoctoral fellowship (The Burnham Institute) focused on human embryonic stem cell research.

Her active research interests span reproductive biology, from basic embryology to cutting edge artificial intelligence applications for IVF.

Ms. Ashley Geka is a Senior Clinical Embryologist and IVF Laboratory Supervisor. She gained her B.Sc from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. She has over ten years clinical bench experience with a focus in genetics.

She specializes in custom database development, management, and data analysis.

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