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5 Facts about “increased cancer risk” and embryo freezing

Did you see the recent report that correlated embryo freezing with increased cancer risk? The headline reads “Landmark 16-year Danish IVF Study Points To Babies Born From Frozen Embryos Being 2-3x More Prone to cancer”⁠

Should you worry? Tl;Dr No! Correlation does not equal “causation”.⁠

1. Frozen transfers yield higher results and decrease the time to pregnancy compared to fresh transfers. ⁠

2. This conclusion is based on 14 cases of cancer in babies conceived by frozen embryo transfer. A very small number! ⁠

3. The incidence of increased cancer risk in these patients is less than half the incidence of cancer in all US children conceived by any means. ⁠

4. The study population was mostly the slow freeze method, which is currently obsolete in most high-quality centers. vitrification is now used almost exclusively. ⁠

5. The statistical difference in percentages in this study was a 0.0444% incidence of childhood cancer vs. 0.0177%, so still extremely rare.⁠

The study can be found here. ⁠


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