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Infertility App

app for infertility clinics

Fertility treatment is a life changing journey. ART Compass infertility app is your comfort on this long, strange, and lonely at times journey. An IVF app can help to give you the tools you need to monitor progress during an IVF cycle. 

There is an app for everything, including trying to conceive through assisted reproductive technologies! 

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Our Infertility App

ART Compass centralizes all your IVF Lab data on our convenient infertility app; meaning, all your documents, each cycle, your embryo images, genetic testing results and more. A single digital dashboard for each patient allows your doctor to have the precise results of your IVF Cycle at their fingertips, and in their pocket. The addition of Images throughout a patient’s cycle; from oocytes to embryos, can add a wealth of information that reproductive endocrinologists (REI) typically do not have access to. IVF stimulation medications can have a large impact on oocyte and resulting embryo quality. Seeing the result of stimulation can help tailor future infertility treatment plans. 

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More Features of the App

Additionally, a single glance at the patient dashboard can reveal the embryos available for frozen embryo transfer and their preimplantation genetic (PGT) status, and helps your billing administrator to charge you accurately for frozen tissue storage. 

Learn More about our Infertility Software

Find out how the ART Compass app and web platform can complement your personalized infertility plan to help you achieve your goal of starting or growing your family. Check it out to stay in-the-know about your IVF Cycles! We’re excited to share this news with you and hope you find ART Compass Mobile App helpful on your fertility journey! 

Our app is available to download!

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fertility app
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