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The Thin Pink Line

An infertility patient support community for when one thin pink line separates you from parenthood.

Beautiful Blastocysts

Does Embryo Grading Matter?⁠#Embryo grading is not an exact science, but it is a tool that providers use in addition to other factors to determine which embryos may be fit for transferring. ⁠ Blastocysts are embryos that have advanced to the 5 or 6 day stage. Blastocysts possess an inner cell mass which will become the …

10 Things Embryologists Wish You Knew About IVF

An embryologist is a fertility specialist that helps to create viable embryos to either be used in IVF right away or to be frozen for later use. Embryologists aren’t MDs, but they are highly trained medical professionals, usually holding a Masters degree or a PhD due to the specialized nature of their work. Here are ten things they wish you knew about IVF!

ART Compass partners with WHO to provide high definition Andrology images for Competency Assessment

For immediate release: ART Compass — The world’s first mobile IVF LIMS powered by artificial intelligence, announced today that it is partnering with the World Health Organization to deliver educational content for Andrology competency assessments using high definition images from the planned 6th Edition Laboratory manual for the examination and processing of human semen. “We …

Our Approach To Competency Assessment

Validation Studies  Over 80 competency assessment modules were created for sperm and embryo morphology, quality, viability and common clinical decision timepoints. Validation studies are underway, using images of PAP stained morphology slides for andrology modules, and 112 cleavage stage images captured on EmbryoScope 66 hours post insemination, and 168 blastocyst stage images captured on EmbryoScope …

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