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The Thin Pink Line

An infertility patient support community for when one thin pink line separates you from parenthood.

women in reproductive health

The Forgotten Women of Reproductive Health

Reproductive health has come a long way. Back in the day, infertility used to puzzle scientists. They simply could not understand why one couple had better chances of conceiving a child than others. This was a time when IVF did not exist and the idea of “test-tube babies” would appall someone. I’m glad we have …

Dr. Carol Curchoe

Beat Infertility -A Podcast You Don’t Want to Miss

We are SO excited to announce that our CEO Dr. Carol Curchoe has appeared as a guest on the podcast Beat infertility! She participated in several different episodes: Inside the IVF Lab Epigenetics 101 Artificial Intelligence in Assisted Reproduction Evaluating your IVF Lab These episodes cover a HUGE range of topics and we can’t wait …

is ivf expensive woman calculating cost of ivf

Is IVF expensive?

The question that runs through almost everyone’s mind, is IVF expensive?. To put it without sugarcoating it-yes. It can be expensive and because of that financial planning is crucial. Thinking about how you want to pay for IVF and looking at whether you’re eligible for any grants is a great way to start! (And yes, …


Reagents Traceability and ART Compass

This is why you need to have ART Compass! Reagents traceability. But wait, what is reagents traceability? You’ve come to the right place! Today we’re going to break down what that term means, why ART Compass enhances the ease at which it can be done, and why all of this matters in the first place. …

can ivf cause twins

Can IVF cause twins?

The million dollar question! Can IVF cause twins? The truth is, there is a possibility that twins could be conceived, but it depends on the number of embryos transferred. If multiple embryos are transferred, each one has the possibility of developing into an embryo. The greater the number of embryos transferred, the greater the chances …

does ivf work

Does IVF work?

A TTC journey is filled with making important decisions- and they aren’t easy. So, does IVF work? “Should I opt for IVF?” “Do I adopt?” “Should I keep trying before I visit the doctor?” “Do I try another IVF cycle?” It isn’t like deciding between cookie dough or rocky road in the ice cream aisle. Being …

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