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IVF Quality Control

Our Message on IVF.net About the Digitalization of Quality Control

We’ve got great news! A post by our CEO Dr. Carol Curchoe was featured on IVF.net! She explains EVERYTHING about how ART Compass has changed the realm of cloud-based quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) for good and how cloud-based laboratory quality management systems are crucial for the development of IVF! A lot of the processes and data that are required to be recorded in IVF quality control are done on paper. Maybe it’s time to digitize a lot of what we do, and to save time and sanity of embryologists. 

ivf quality control

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Embryology Competency Assessments for IVF Quality Assurance

Dr. Curchoe delves into how staff competency assessments are available for staff to review their knowledge of embryology on a regular basis. This is important because even with a new and improved digitized path It’s always important to make sure that staff have complete knowledge on how to maintain quality control and quality assurance in the IVF lab. They should be able to tell if everything is up to standard and is in good shape for the lab to be a great home for your embryos! 

ART Compass is a new paradigm— digitizing staff related competency assessments, training documentation, annual procedure evaluations, and real time “in-cycle” embryologist KPI statistics— for 21st century IVF lab QC/QA in “the cloud”.” -Dr. Curchoe

ART Compass and quality control digitalization

So what exactly can ART Compass do digitally? Well our mobile application and the web-based portal technology allows for quick data collection, real-time analysis, management, and distribution of multimedia files, automated reporting and the ability to use device hardware features, such as; the phone’s camera image editing with a finger and a biometric fingerprint data to enhance security!

Endless possibilities

Now it is time to start thinking about the big picture! What is it that can be implemented alongside ART Compass or any other mobile application out there for maximization of quality of patients’ IVF cycles? Electronic witnessing systems using RFID tags, QR codes, barcodes or other image capture approaches, if implemented alongside ART Compass for complete accuracy, can help eliminate the need to record who has done what in the lab by hand. All these data that are collected can then be tied in with the outcome data of that lab.

This way, you can identify what is improving the results of your lab and what is leading in undesirable outcomes. Another realm of possibility is IoT (Internet of Things) sensors. These can be used for real-time monitoring of room temperature humidity volatile organic compounds, and door open count among others and if this is paired with the clinical outcome data collected by ART Compass, you are able to see how these parameters affect the outcomes.

There’s a lot more that Dr. Curchoe explores in terms of the possibilities when it comes to integrating digitized means of data collection and QC and QA. However we do want to share with you a little more about IVF.net!

What is IVF.net?

Good question! IVF.net is basically an embryologist’s paradise or perhaps even for anyone involved in IVF. You can find everything you need in one spot. You can find out about the latest IVF-related news and announcements to stay up-to-date about new developments! Or you can search for new job positions for careers in the IVF world. If you are thinking of placing a new piece of equipment in your lab or clinic, you can find all of the product reviews on their website in one spot.

You have to make sure you have the best of the best machinery equipped in your lab! If you are looking for some new textbook material or resources in general for scientists on IVF, infertility and reproduction, you’ve got it all on IVF.net. IVF.net can also help you find and discover education and embryology course opportunities to help build that resume of yours and start your journey towards a career in reproductive medicine!

Our final thoughts

So whether you’re looking to find a new job in reproductive medicine and IVF or if you’re trying to develop that resume of yours and take a part-time or full-time course in embryology, stop by IVF.net. As per our CEO’s, post on the website let us know what you think about the digitalization of IVF and these new methods that might possibly change the field of IVF and reproductive medicine for good.

IVF is something that requires the utmost precision and accuracy and that is allowed or enabled when there is the highest degree of quality control and quality assurance in the lab. Any of the tiniest mistakes could possibly lead to an unsuccessful pregnancy or undesirable outcome. And that is simply not acceptable when someone’s embryos are in our hands. The times of scattered paper records and confusing data entry systems is long gone. Now it is the time to revolutionize IVF and to make sure that instead of having embryologists pour their energy into QC and QA, risking burnout (something a mobile app could take care of) they can spend more time taking care of your embryos!

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