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Reagents Traceability and ART Compass

This is why you need to have ART Compass! Reagents traceability.

But wait, what is reagents traceability? You’ve come to the right place! Today we’re going to break down what that term means, why ART Compass enhances the ease at which it can be done, and why all of this matters in the first place.

What is reagent traceability?

It is crucial to monitor IVF lab solutions and apparatus. Some of the information that is important for IVF lab directors and staff is:

  • Media name 
  • Manufacturer
  • Lot number 
  • Date of receipt
  • “In use” date 
  • Date of expiration
  • Certificate of analysis 

These data points must be tracked against patient cycles, so that the vessel and/or corresponding patients affected by a defect, manufacturer recall, etc can be discovered in a timely manner. Many electronic witnessing systems give this a cursory effort, but miss the mark by failing to correlate any of these data points with pregnancy outcomes. This is where laboratories are faltering.

Why is it important?

That’s a good question. These quality control measures have been established to ensure that the services a certain IVF lab is providing are of good quality. This is incredibly crucial! It is the lab’s job to ensure that the environment of the lab supports the growth of the embryo cultures. This is ensured by providing aseptic conditions for the embryos and also maintaining a safe work environment for the lab staff. 

How does ART Compass help?

As we mentioned before many electronic witnessing systems give this a cursory effort, but miss the mark by failing to correlate any of the previously mentioned data points with pregnancy outcomes. ART Compass tracks all of the data points for true insight into patient outcomes. All of this information is in one place on a mobile device for easy access by the lab director and personnel! By forming this correlation, clinics are able to gather more information and really understand how exactly each feature of reagents‘ traceability affects pregnancy outcomes. Do a certain manufacturer’s products seem to be showing better results? Are there any expired reagents that are providing bad outcomes? If so, ART Compass highlights such errors and enables you to make the necessary changes required. Quality control is essential to any business, but in an IVF lab, there are literally lives depending on it. 

A lab without ART Compass?

We’ve talked about what ART Compass can do for you, but let’s highlight what a clinic might be missing out on without the app! Undesirable outcomes when culturing embryos or regarding lab safety are already a hassle to deal with. Not knowing where they originated from? It just makes the whole problem worse! Let me outline some examples:

The manufacturer of a certain solution doesn’t seem to get it quite right. The solution was contaminated during the manufacturing process and has been used in several cultures for embryos. The cultures do not result in success and you would like to know why. However, tracing back the steps of multiple laboratory personnel isn’t only time consuming but almost impossible sometimes! It’s difficult to identify the source of these failed cultures.

A laboratory that does use our app?

Well, the app monitors the usage of all reagents! It then correlates such data to data regarding successful pregnancies. So you can easily trace back the cause of the failed cultures! By doing so you can quickly fix the issue and have things go back to normal. 

As we said, an IVF lab is a complex setting with many moving parts. The ART Compass app can make the job easier for a lab director to have a birds-eye view of everything. All this information on a device at the touch of their fingertips! Lots of couples struggling with infertility heavily depend on IVF labs to be able to successfully carry out an IVF cycle. They trust that their IVF lab will incorporate the utmost precision and accuracy into their work. By making the job of the lab director easier (among other individuals), the ART Compass app hopes to create an environment where embryos can grow safely to eventually become a little bundle of joy for a couple. 


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