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Standardized Embryologist Training and Competency and Novel KPIs for Digital IVF Labs

Interested in Embryologist Training and KPI management? Book a one on one meeting with ART Compass today! Missed our Digital Staff Management and Novel KPI Webinar? Catch the replay, anytime, on demand!!

Standardized Embryologist Training and Competency and Novel KPIs for Digital IVF Labs
Standardized Embryologist Training and Competency and Novel KPIs for Digital IVF Labs

“One thing worse than training employees and losing them… is not training them and keeping them.” -Ed Metcalf

IVF labs have been affected by unprecedented workforce shortages, and are at the forefront of a great wave of pending retirements. Less skilled and experienced staff means there is more room for grave errors to occur, and less people than ever to lead the training of new staff. Until each staff member has documented training, followed by successful assessment of competency of that task, they should not be permitted to perform or result patient testing independently of their trainer. Embryologist training, competency acquisition and documentation of these activities for inspections hasn’t advanced in 40 years, until now. ART Compass is  outsmarting the workforce shortage, reducing non-conformance events, and helping you pass quality inspections, defeating CAPs number one most cited deficiency, staff related checklist items. 

Whether you’re subject to CLIA, CAP or your local state DOH requirements, you will be required to provide proof (documentation) of both training AND competency for each employee, for each task that they perform. Documentation of all of these tasks can be organized through the use of advanced digital IVF lab management tools, like ART Compass. ART Compass helps savvy IVF lab directors keep track of what each staff members’ specific job functions include, which ones they will need to be trained on, and which tasks have been completed by each trainer. Competency assessment is an ongoing, continuous process of monitoring individuals’ abilities to perform their specific job functions.

When Embryologist Training is Complete- Maintain Competencies and KPIs

Once training has been completed and documented in ART Compass, you will assess each staff member’s ability to successfully perform these tasks using our robust suite of subjective “surveys”. This is competency, where you will assess if the training was successful and if staff can perform each assigned task correctly. ART Compass contains competency assessments for every embryology procedure. To fully demonstrate successful competency all 6 of the CAP Checklist items must be documented for each employee, for each task. 

Our webinar will detail the ART Compass platform to standardize competency assessment, ART lab training, and reduce new staff on-boarding time and much more, including discussion of the KPIs or the future – in a fully digital embryology lab! 

How can ART Compass Help?

ART Compass is a mobile application for the assisted reproductive technology (ART) industry that puts physicians, administrators, and lab staff on the “same page” as their patients. It is a LIMS , a patient portal, and a laboratory quality management system. It documents IVF staff clinical decision-making, streamlines reporting, and automates data analysis.

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We achieve this unprecedented level of information management, starting in the heart of any clinical practice: the IVF (in vitro fertilization) laboratory. The IVF laboratory is responsible for creating the patient’s embryos, reporting their quality, status, and genetic results to both patients and physicians.

ART Compass takes the pain out of managing dozens of parameters for automated regulatory reporting, simplifying the quality control workflow for labs, saving time and money, all while simultaneously improving patient care by providing direct and timely access to hundreds of data points pertaining to each patient’s IVF cycle.

Physicians go on to use this information to make clinical care decisions, such as which embryo to transfer. Administrators use this information to track pregnancy and success rates for their clinic. Patients have a secure and HIPAA compliant portal to view their frozen embryo inventory, and IVF cycle information, and direct access to physicians and laboratory staff.


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