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Our Featured Post on Scientific American about Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial intelligence is often not really associated with reproductive health! We always hear a lot of talk about medicine evolving and incorporating AI into its operations, as we live in a technology-filled world. I’m sure when you’ve heard this the first image that might pop into your head is robots replacing surgeons! However, Scientific American about Artificial Intelligence’s role in treating infertility? How does that work? Well, we’ve got some good news for you. Our CEO Dr. Carol Curchoe and one of our scientific advisory board members, Dr. Charles L. Bormann break it ALL down for you in a Scientific American post titled “What AI Can Do for IVF”! 


Image by Matthew Henry

All about the post

Check out the article if you’re interested in what big-name companies have been incorporating AI into fertility treatments, and medicine in general. You can also gain some insight into what stage all of these ideas are in. Scientific progress is not an overnight feat, so it’s important to always stay updated with where discoveries are and how they are doing! As most AI ideas for fertility treatments are in the experimental phase, you might also want to look into what the accuracy rates are looking like right now. Our post covers that too! 

Scientific American

Scientific American about Artificial Intelligence’s is All. Things. Science. It is one of the best ways to stay updated about all the new scientific discoveries and endeavors in our rapid-paced world! It’s not only limited to medicine. SA covers a broad range of fields including biology, chemistry, physics, math, space, and even politics among others!

We are honored that they decided to feature our article about up-and-coming AI strategies in assisted reproduction technology (ART).

We definitely want to help play our part in keeping the scientific community updated! We also want to note, SA doesn’t only have articles and publications but they’ve got podcasts and videos if you’re more into auditory and visual learning! I know I’m more of an auditory learner myself!

The importance of staying updated

Reading the newspaper or watching the news when you can is always important! It is also crucial to do so regarding scientific news regardless of whether you pursue a career in science or not. For example, exciting discoveries in medicine might concern you if they perhaps have to do with a condition a family member is suffering from. Medicine affects every one of us! And that applies to us now more than ever during this Covid-19 pandemic. At ART Compass, we try to play our part in sharing crucial information about infertility that doesn’t really get the spotlight it deserves.

Many people suffering from infertility are misunderstood or not really paid attention to. Their struggle is seen as “dramatic” and because of that, people don’t see the need to share important facts and information about infertility. We’re here to change that. For all the infertility warriors out there-we hear you and we’ve got your back! Always check our blog because we post constantly! And check out Scientific American too while you’re at it to get the latest information on what science is up to!


Curchoe. C, Bormann. C, “What Can AI Do for IVF” Scientific American, Jan 2018, https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/observations/what-ai-can-do-for-ivf/